The Brand

Our Values

From the very beginning, Académie Scientifique de Beauté has marked cosmetics history thanks to its power of innovation, its excellence, its unique and specific skincare approach thus showing that our company has always been willing to create proximity between the beautician and the consumer.


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A modern and pioneer company, a Research & Development without limits always looking for continuous improvements based upon high concentrated and performing active ingredients.


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As from the beginning, the pioneer Académie Scientifique de Beauté has been distributed from an exclusive and prestigious place located rue Saint-Honoré in Paris: the first Beauty Salon in France. Académie’s founder was convinced of possible eternal youth if and only if skincare products are rigorously and scientifically formulated. His know-how and French-style standard of excellence in beauty have quickly made their way throughout the world.



Trained by Académie experts, our Maîtres de Beauté are guiding you all your treatments programme long. Beauty professionals at your service giving tailor-made advice, explanations on our various active ingredients to better understand and use our treatments according to the personalized Beauty Prescription.

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